With the good weather already installed in most of the country, we feel much more like going out and enjoying what our cities or towns have to offer.

And as most of us find a place to enjoy a few days with our families, to find plans that we all like and that we can carry out without problems, it becomes almost an impossible mission.

As we want to give you all the hassle that that means, we propose you, if you are or are going to be in the province of Asturias, the best plans.

If you are adventurous, then read on. And if you are not, also because who knows if at the end of this text you will be encouraged to discover its corners.

Let’s begin!

Route of the Xanas

In the heart of Asturias, we find this place not suitable for those who have vertigo, but yes, very simple.

Although at first glance may seem much more, the truth is that they do not reach 4 kilometers that you will have to travel from the finish line to the destination. In total, 7.5 roundtrips with a drop of almost 400 meters.

The starting point is the recreational area of Molín de las Xanas, and the finish line is the hermitage of San Antonio, in the village of Pedroveya.

From the starting point, you start ascending without too much difficulty, and halfway there, we invite you to turn around and enjoy what you leave behind: the impressive valleys of Proaza and mountains full of life and nature.

All along the way, you will find stone tunnels connecting Pedroveya, la Rebollada, and Durango with the Trubia Valley, and the best views of the gorge, where you will be able to have one of the best photographs with the river at your feet. In addition, the gorge has been a Natural Monument since 2002, so the place has beauty to bore.

However, if you have vertigo, forget to look down in some points, as before you will find 80 meters of gorge falling into the void. You’d better look straight ahead, where you’ll find another attraction: the waterfalls left by the Viescas River, especially during the thawing season.

After all this route, we are much closer to our goal, going through the hermitage, where we can make a stop, we reach the village of Pedroveya in 500 meters, where the essence of Asturias is seen at first sight. The hórreos and typical houses next to the valleys will be the reward.

Inferno River Route

Although its name does not inspire much confidence, is one of the easiest routes that can be done in Asturias.

It has a slope of 600 meters that you will pass in the 14 kilometers of round trip with which the route has.

The name comes from the river that will accompany your walk, through the councils of Piloña and Caso. Furthermore, on this route, you will be able to enjoy the typical Asturian landscapes in which the hórreos stand out, as is the case of Espinaredo, which has more than 30 and is one of the main attractions for tourism, as they are also in perfect condition.

In this village, you can also visit reference elements such as its church, in honor of Santa María de las Nieves, which dates back 3 centuries, and famous Texas.

Throughout the route, you will pass through spaces full of charm that will lead you, on one of its paths, to Pico Vízcares, where the views are spectacular. On the ascent, it is common to find waterfalls and pools in which to bathe after the effort. Very well deserved.

Its starting point is the Recreational area of La Pesca, next to which you can visit the Arboretum of Miera, a perfect representation of the native flora next to the river Infierno, and ends in the gorge of Muñacos.

Route of Alba

This trail runs through the Redes Natural Park, which is a Biosphere Reserve and undoubtedly one of the most frequented by hikers, due to its simple layout and the ease with which it can be done as a family. It is also a National Monument.

It has a lot of history since in the beginning, it was a cattle route, and later it was a mining route, so nowadays it is perfectly concreted.

The river that will accompany you is the one that gives name to the route, and that you will recognize by the sound of the water impacting against the rocks at great speed. The water is present throughout the route, in the form of waterfalls, pools, or simple threads that provide one of the most beautiful panoramic if possible.

But this area is not only made up of vegetation, as there is a characteristic fauna such as the kingfisher, or sometimes, if you are lucky, you can spot deer.

The route is quite linear, and there is a gradient of just under 700 meters that you can travel back and forth in a total of 14 kilometers, which although they seem like many meters, you won’t even notice. The estimated time is about 4 hours, so you can take it easy and enjoy the good views, smell and authentic taste of Asturias.

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