Family conciliation in summer holidays

or the big problems for parents, when they get their days off, is how to take care of their children and work at the same time. This is the eternal question, how to reconcile work and family life on summer vacation. It should be a great opportunity for both parents and children to enjoy each other and spend more time together.

But is there a way to achieve family reconciliation without having to leave children with grandparents or in daycare It is possible thanks to numerous alternatives and, above all, to the proposals of the efr certificate in companies.

1.Teleworking. It is one of the best measures and very effective thanks to technology, which allows work to be done from home. In this way, by avoiding the time when travelling and being at home, it is more productive because the hours are used more.

2.Intensive day. The application during these months of the reduced working day, such as working in the morning instead of split hours, is a very good option for doing it on holidays. It would be more difficult to do so during the rest of the year, as presence is in line with responsibility and availability. But we could talk about making schedules more flexible to support family conciliation.

Rotating shifts between both parents to encourage co-responsibility. The value of equality in the upbringing of children is necessary, to serve as a reference for them. The problem with this option is that, in this case, conciliation is carried out with the children, not with the couple.

At Fundación Másfamilia, we have been committed to reconciling work and family for more than a decade and, for this reason, we are working on the efr certificate and on new proposals so that more and more companies adopt a committed position.

Supporting positive parenting is vital to giving children the right care. Parents need support to develop responsibilities towards their children. And on holidays, when children don’t have classes, they should reconcile more than ever.

Still, don’t know how to do it? Here you can get certified.

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