Formerly a Spanish colony, the Philippine Islands continue to be a mystery to travelers who dare to access these islands. And it is that unlike other archipelagos more mediatic, the Philippines continue forming part of those lands that are thought so that the travelers can enjoy a tranquility and comfort that others do not have like the Maldives Islands. In any case, it is very interesting to meet all expectations in which case it will be commendable to know how to get as well as the main characteristics of these dream islands.

What to see

El Nido is located in a unique location, near Manila, a town that, by the way, is a paradise on earth. The Philippine Islands are not only Manila, however, but there are others such as Macapuya Island of great tourist interest for its paradisiacal character. In Boracay, you can see a white beach or white beach. One of the most popular activities among travelers who come to the island is scuba diving. In Donsol, for example, several travelers say that it is possible to dive with whales as well as sharks. Also, in Boracay, it is possible to enjoy the maximum proposals to take into account.


As for Manila, we will discover places of interest such as the church of San Agustin in Manila, Fort Santiago, Rizal Park, the National Museum of the Philippines, as well as the garden and zoo, the Basilica of the Nazarene and the ocean archeological site. For those who love culture above all the national museum of the Filipino people is the option. Also, the little ones will be able to enjoy star city. In any case, the interesting options they will have will be numerous and will go hand in hand to enjoy the maximum proposals. The different islands we can access are Luzon, Mindoro Island, Cebu, Bohol Island, Coron Island or Palawan Island.

How to get there

Manila International Airport or Ninoy Aquino Airport has international flights of which we are interested in those with which we can climb from Spain. This is, for example, the airline Emirates, based in Barcelona. This company has Dubai-Manila connections. If we prefer direct flights from Europe, there are connections from Amsterdam thanks to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Also, the possibility of stopping in Abu Dhabi is interesting with the company Etihad Airways.

Tips and recommendations for traveling to the Philippine Islands

The regions of Manila are three with Luzon as the main region in which Manila is located. Normally you will travel to this one. It is recommended that if you travel with young people who want nightlife choose Boracay as it is the most attractive for these options. In the Philippines, the capital Manila is expensive compared to other locations that are not capital. However, it will continue to be cheap. To give you an idea, accommodation costs approximately 300 pesos, which corresponds to 6 euros per night. The currency is the Philippine peso and is equivalent to approximately 1 euro per 50 pesos.

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