Special cruises to Hawaii. Plan your vacation with the advice of Taoticket

If you want to visit an earthly paradise, if you are looking for a dream destination for your honeymoon or an unavoidable extension during your trip to the U.S., if you like adventures in primitive landscapes, the answer is a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.

If you want to delve deeper, our team of tour operators is available in chat or online to help you plan your trip, intercontinental flights to get to the port of departure, hotels and, why not, the extension of your vacation. A trip to the other side of the world is not made every day, and with early planning, you can enrich it with stages and experiences at the best price.

Hawaiian Cruise, information for going out

Why a cruise to Hawaii?

Hawaii is a volcanic archipelago with 7 main islands and many smaller or uninhabited islands, which since 1959 have become the 50th Federal State of the United States. They are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in an isolated and fascinating place, 4000 kilometers from the coasts of California and Tahiti. The cruise is undoubtedly the ideal way to visit them. It allows you to move quickly between the various islands, use the long stays on the ground for excursions and experience a charming ocean crossing to reach these islands.

Landscapes and traditions that fill the heart with beauty
It is surprising how small islands can encompass such diverse landscapes: sandy beaches and rocky coasts, seabeds, tropical forests and active volcanoes over 4000 meters high, with snowy peaks. The landscape changes rapidly under the influence of trade winds, a constant but never aggressive presence.

The location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean has created a unique culture with American, Asian and Polynesian influences. “Spirit of Aloha” is the local, peaceful lifestyle rich in spirituality. The power of nature has given life to a rich mythology, based on mother earth and father heaven. Legends, propitiatory dances such as Hula dance, local music and rituals will immerse you in a dimension where everything is in harmony and peace.

For these reasons, Hawaii is a paradise for surfers, biologists, nature lovers, and exotic cultures.

When to go to Hawaii
Hawaii has a tropical climate with few year-round temperature changes, slightly warmer temperatures between June and October, and a year-round sea suitable for sports and swimming. In Honolulu, the capital, temperatures range from a minimum of 27° to a maximum of 31°. Cruise travel allows you to avoid areas where trade winds often rain, preferring the sunniest and most welcoming ports.

The perfect suitcase for a Hawaiian cruise is composed of summer dresses, comfortable and breathable, bathing suits, pareos and hats of the wide brim, accessories for marine sports. For the nights on board a long and light dress with scarf or shawl will be enough and for men a white shirt in linen or cotton with a light suit. Don’t forget to bring mountain boots, a thick shirt, and a waterproof jacket if you are planning a hike in the forest or a trekking in the volcanoes.

Visas and vaccinations

To go to Hawaii, the same rules are valid for entering the U.S., with a passport valid for more than 6 months from the date of return and a tourist visa. The Tao ticket team can provide you with practical information to obtain it. No vaccination required; it is advisable to bring the usual medicines and baby food.

Hawaiian Cruise, with which company to depart?
Here are some very different cruises for length and style, from two cruise companies specializing in the Hawaiian Islands. Which do you prefer?

Princess Cruises: total immersion in the Hawaiian atmosphere in the renovated Star Princess

Star Princess returns as bright as ever, after a restyling cost more than 2 million dollars. Star Princess is the star of the roundtrip oceanic cruises between Los Angeles and the Hawaiian Islands. 15 days on board with 4 days sailing to reach the archipelago, and then an intense program covering 4 islands. The navigation program will be to enjoy life aboard this ship that offers the highest standards of hospitality and entertainment: 700 cabins with balconies, refurbished with ultra-comfort luxury beds, prestigious Italian restaurants such as Sabatini, spa, casino, clubs and 4 swimming pools.

Star Princess will make your cruise special by offering you the exclusive “Aloha Spirit programme”, total immersion in the famous “Aloha Spirit” style.

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